Research apparatus supported by the T-LSI program

Genetic analysis

QuantStudio 12K (ThermoFisher Scientific): Real-time PCR system
Amercham Imager 600 (GE healthcare): Bioimager for chemiluminescence
GeneChip Scannner 7G (Affymetrix): Microarray system
Thermal cycler
LED transilluminator

Observation Instruments

IX83 (Olympus) : Fluorescent microscope
TCS SP8 Flexible (Leica Micro Systems) : Confocal microscope
SMART 3.0 Video Imaging Behavioral analysis apparatus (Bio Research Center, Inc) : Animal behavior evaluation system
EM ACE900 (Leica Micro Systems) : Freeze Fracture System
Iatroscan MK6 (LS Medience) : TLC analytical system
M205C-IC90 (Leica Micro Systems) : Stereomicroscope

Cellular analysis

FacsJazz (Becton Dickinson) : Cell Sorter
auto MACS Pro (Miltenyl Biotec) : Cell Separation system
Guava 8HT(Millipore) : Cell Analyzer
Enspire (PerkinElmer) : Microplate reader

Analytical and Measuring instruments

TOC-L (Shimadzu Co.) : Total organic carbon analyzer
GC-2010 Plus TCD, FID(Shimadzu Co.) : Gas chromatograph system
KDL1 (Pfintech) : Short Path Distillation System
EZTest (Shimadzu Co.) : Tensile Tester
Stabinger Viscometer (Anton Paar)
DA-640 (KYOTO ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING) : Density/specific gravity meter
UV-vis spectrophotometer